Island Hopping with the Wines of Croatia
From Dubrovnik, Croatia to Split, Croatia

Awaken to the gentle sway of your luxurious yacht amid the Adriatic's azure embrace. Savor world-class Croatian wines as you glide between enchanting islands, each with its unique allure. Dive into the enchantment of the Dalmatian Coast with a yacht charter in Croatia, where every moment is a sip of magic.


Cruise Dates: May 31, 2025 to June 7, 2025

This cruise is ideal for wine enthusiasts who crave stunning scenery, rich history, and delicious cuisines. Immerse yourself in the local winemaking culture by visiting family-owned wineries, exploring their cellars, and learning about their traditional methods. Cruise the turquoise Adriatic Sea, admiring the dramatic coastline, charming islands, and medieval towns like Dubrovnik and Split. Explore ancient ruins, wander through cobbled streets, and discover the rich history of Croatia, from Roman emperors to Venetian merchants.

    Start your vacation with a pre-cruise stay in Dubrovnik to see stunning architecture, charming streets, and breathtaking views from its city walls. Explore history, soak up the vibrant atmosphere, and relax on nearby beaches.
  • STON

    Explore the longest defensive walls in Europe, offering stunning panoramic views. Savor the freshest oysters, farmed in the Ston Bay for centuries. Relax and soak in the beauty of the Adriatic Sea.
  • Island Korčula

    Korcula is a gem waiting for you: a medieval town with a rich history and delicious wine for connoisseurs. Hike through vineyards, savor fresh seafood, and lose yourself in the island's charm.
  • Island Vis

    Explore charming fishing villages of Island Vis, discover historical sites, and savor delicious local cuisine. Get ready for a stunning mix of natural beauty, cultural treasures, and island charm!
  • island Hvar

    Immerse yourself in vibrant Hvar Town, with its cobbled streets and historic buildings. Indulge in local delicacies like fresh seafood and sip on world-renowned wines. Hvar awaits with its captivating beauty, history, and vibrant culture.
  • Pučišća on Island Brač

    Blend history, art, and craftsmanship in the ancient art of stonemasonry at Pučišća! Learn traditional techniques and discover the island's cultural heritage, set against the stunning backdrop of the Croatian island of Brač.
  • Trogir

    Trogir is a captivating blend of history, beauty, and laid-back charm. Wander its Old Town, a maze of stone streets and Venetian-era architecture. Soak up the Mediterranean vibe on the waterfront and savor delectable local cuisine.

    Krka National Park is most famous for its breathtaking waterfalls, cascading down the Krka River in tiers of turquoise pools. The most popular waterfall is Skradinski Buk, a series of 17 falls that tumble over 45 meters (148 feet) into a large, swimmable pool.
  • Split

    Split is a vibrant city brimming with ancient history and Diocletian's Palace, a sprawling Roman complex that seamlessly blends into the city's heart. Stroll along the Riva waterfront promenade, savoring the lively atmosphere and breathtaking Adriatic Sea views. Indulge in fresh seafood and local wines, savoring the flavors that have captivated visitors for centuries.

    Spend two days in Zagreb, Croatia post-cruise. Zagreb has a rich history dating back to the 12th century, and its architecture reflects this in a delightful blend of styles, from medieval to Baroque to Art Nouveau. The Upper Town, with its cobbled streets and colorful houses, is particularly enchanting.

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MS Aurelia is a luxury vessel launched in the 2020 cruising season. The deluxe 19 spacious air-conditioned twin or double cabins, all with private en suite bathroom and a host of amenities. Guests can find a restaurant and bar which offers exceptional panoramic views on the upper deck. The large sun deck provides relaxing sun lounger seating for all and a Jacuzzi. This 49 m cruiser features state-of-the-art equipment and the highest safety standards, for optimal small-ship cruising comfort.

Cruise only fares start at $3,900 per person

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