Taste the Famous Wines of Bordeaux
Roundtrip from Bordeaux, France

Start with the pre-cruise extension to Spain’s legendary Basque Country, rich with culture and flavor. Enjoy Bilbao, home to the world-renowned Guggenheim Museum, and the stunning seaside resort of San Sebastián. Then travel to France’s legendary wine capital, Bordeaux, where your cruise begins. Iconic châteaux, timeless vineyards and delicious wine tastings are plentiful as you visit Libourne, Blaye, Bourg, Pauillac and Cadillac. Following the cruise, experience the lure of the UNESCO-designated Loire Valley, where Leonardo da Vinci lived and is buried.


Cruise Dates: November 6, 2025 to November 13, 2025

Immerse yourself in the heart of Bordeaux wine country with Cindy and Jeff Coggin, who specialize in hosting intimate groups on unforgettable river cruises. Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or just discovering the world of fine wines, Cindy and Jeff’s easygoing charm and infectious passion will guide you on an unforgettable journey through the captivating stories, rich traditions, and diverse flavors of Bordeaux.

Prepare to tantalize your taste buds and awaken your senses through interactive tastings and lively discussions. You'll gain invaluable knowledge and experience exploring the diverse spectrum of wines this famed region has to offer. Unravel the Mysteries of Left Bank vs. Right Bank Reds. Delight in the Crisp Refreshment of White Bordeaux. Indulge in the liquid gold of Bordeaux – Sauternes. Embark on an engaging discussion as they share their passion for the stories behind the wines.

Delve into Bordeaux’s rich history, where tales of legendary wines intertwine with the evolution of a land blessed with exceptional terroir. We'll explore the 1855 classification, a landmark ranking that sparked fervent debate and continues to hold undeniable influence – even as the world of wine has undergone dramatic changes. Each sip of Bordeaux is a journey through time, history, and the passionate craftsmanship of generations of winemakers.

Come, join us, and discover the magic that unfolds in every bottle.
  • DAY 1 & 2 – BILBAO

    Bilbao is modern and historic, where mountains meet the sea. Immerse yourself in art and architecture, and explore charming villages nearby.

    San Sebastian is the Pearl of the North with world-class cuisine and vibrant Basque culture.
  • DAY 5 - Bordeaux

    Embark the AmaDolce in Bordeaux for your Taste of Bordeaux cruise.
  • DAY 6 - Saint Emilion

    Explore Bordeaux’s elite Right Bank wine region of Sane Emilion. Visit celebrated vineyards and then explore the monolithic church carved out of one piece of limestone rock.
  • DAY 7 - Libourne

    Spend time discovering the Bastide town of Libourne on a walking tour or stroll through the colorful, open-air market, tasting some of the region’s specialties. Or, you can get your heart pumping by venturing deeper into town on an invigorating bike tour or hiking through one of Liboune’s renowned vineyards.
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  • DAY 8 - Blaye - Bourg

    Step back in time at the Citadel de Blaye, a 17th-century Vauban fortress boasts stunning views of the Gironde Estuary and offers a glimpse into France's rich military history. Then visit Bourg for its rich history and sip award-winning Côtes de Bourg wines.
  • DAY 9 - Cussac-Fort-Medoc

    Cussac-Fort-Medoc is the gateway to the famed Médoc region, renowned for producing some of the world’s finest Bordeaux wines. You will see some of the most beautiful and famous wine estates and taste some of the best Grand Cru wines.
  • DAY 10 - Cadillac

    Visit the Sauternes wine region to taste the highly prized golden-hued sweet wines produced here from grapes infected with Noble Rot. Visit the impressive Castle of Roquetaillade, an amazingly preserved masterpiece of medieval military architecture owned by the same noble family for 700 years.
  • DAY 11 - Bordeaux

    The breathtaking capital of the wine world, Bordeaux offers the opportunity to experience the city’s rich culture and architecture along with a visit to the immersive and interactive Bordeaux Wine Museum, housed in an awe-inspiring building.
  • DAY 12-13 - Amboise

    After your cruise, step back in time in Amboise, where charming streets lead you to Renaissance castles, like the magnificent Château Royal d'Amboise. Taste the delicious Loire Valley wines and delve into the legacy of Leonardo da Vinci at his Clos Lucé residence.
  • DAY 14 - Paris

    Your cruise concludes in Paris where you can enjoy an evening out before your journey concludes the next day.

Contact Coggin Travels and Let Us Begin Your Experience With Pairing Wine and Luxury Travel

Enjoy the sweet life aboard AmaDolce. Your experience starts in your elegantly appointed stateroom, where Entertainment-On-Demand and soothing bath and body products bring you the ultimate in comfort before your cozy bed envelops you in sweet dreams. The Main Lounge is tinged with reds and pinks that complement the distinctive red wines of Bordeaux, a region this ship currently calls home as it cruises along the Garonne and Dordogne rivers and Gironde Estuary. Warm caramel and honey-colored tones adorn the room while a French balcony—available in most staterooms—allows you to indulge in scenic views. Follow your nose to the Main Restaurant or clink glasses in the bar, where rich, chocolate-hued woods bring beauty to the backdrop of your every craving. The Chef’s Table specialty restaurant is the cherry on top of an already exquisite culinary experience on board that includes lunch and dinners paired with unlimited wine, beer and soft drinks. And should you wish to stay active, a Sun Deck walking track, fitness room and a fleet of onboard bicycles are ready and waiting to assist you on your wellness journey.

Cruise only fares start at $2,880 per person

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